Rape in India, How to stay sane about it?

India has gone into a frenzy over a gang rape case that rocked Delhi. Rape in a public bus. The victim of rape suffered brutal injuries and died subsequently.


In response whole social media is up in arms and there is massive amount of protest happening on grounds in Delhi. The protests turned violent, a police constable was killed and some vehicles related to government and politicians toppled and other otherwise damaged. Government has been lashing out on the protesters with increasing brutality, but so far no reports of casualties from protesters side, water canons, tear gas and lathi-charge.


The protesters are largely, or at least vocally, demanding capital punishment for rape. There is also a general level of outbursts about the value of some men and how people should respect women.

Regarding "Values"

It takes very little to preach values, and there is a whole lot of bloggers talking about how we should value women or how the rape case is indicating that people are not valuing women.

This line of reasoning is deeply flawed and counter productive, here is my reasoning for that.

First of all this whenever we take away guilt of crime from the criminals shoulder and place it on societies we are giving a relief to the criminal. In order to win a court case, to make sure guilty get the maximum possible punishment we have a responsibility to not give up anything, no shred of relief must the guilty ever get from our actions. Any discussion about how society is wrong, takes away from the discussion how what the criminal at hand did wrong. If I am a criminal sitting on the bench I would want the people to talk about generalities about societies and not about my personal guilt. I, as a guilty party also get a moral defense that if entire society is like that, as stated by all this reasonable bloggers and media people, then why am I being punished?

One can ask, so what at least my other claim is about improving punishment so what if this particular claim distracts a bit. But this has a major folly, assumption that other claim would be met. If for achieving one things you have to do 2 things make sure that both things are helping you in achieving your goal and not like one thing is helping it and other is hurting, but it is fine because overall it is helping. Overall it would help more if we do not do the thing that hurts at all.

Second major problem with this line of discussion is it does not allow for a solution. If you state the problem is rape is happening because the value of men in society is degrading, even if we accept the argumentative premise, there is no solution. What can we do to improve the value of men? Shouting slogans is not going to change potential rapists heart.

One can as well argue that rape cases are increasing because god is not with us today. But one would be complete idiot to argue like that. Claiming that value is going down is not much different than that. It is a cry that distracts from the issue at hand, entire society is going to gutters then why bother talking?, and it offers no practical solution. There is no empirical way to measure "values". There is no course of action to improve these "values". What force people to go to Church and Temples? Read moral stories? Or just sing praises of role of women in society?

Any talk about this is a waste of time. It is as good as talking about something completely unrelated. And any mention of values in a forum where one is trying to figure out a course of action, to achieve tangible improvements in the ground reality when it comes to rape, is simply toxic.

There is corruption, that does not mean men have lost values. Talking about solving corruption by talking about improving values is utter waste of time, and is easy and cheap talking point, a completely uneducated clueless person can talk for hours about how men used to be better, or how women are so great and therefore must be respected and on and on. If you love reading chicken soup for the soul like stories, it might provide lots of entertainment and a false sense of doing something, empathysizing with victim, demonizing guilty etc. But other than that, nothing concrete will come out of it and position of women is stay bad, and an opportunity to actually do something based on the momentum would be lost.

Another major problem with value talk when dealing with sexual offenses against women is that there are sections of society who would use the very value argument and try to pin the blame on women. The moment you start giving credibility to value related talk, both value of men and value of women will be questioned.

Even a girl with "no value" as per whatever standards there could be deserves complete protection, and even a man with highest values can under the influence of alcohol and drugs and peer pressure can commit heinous acts.

Regarding "Capital Punishment"

There is increasing demand from very many to increase the severity of rape punishment and include punishment.

It is easy to postulate that increasing the severity will have only one effect, that of increasing the fear in the mind of criminal. While it does, there are many other things happen too.

One of the first side effect of capital punishment is that it makes the case that much more serious. Which means it now requires more legal work to get a clear verdict, we can not send a man to death without proper scrutiny. This increases the work load for rape related cases and if there are not adequate resources, this means the number of guilty verdicts will go low per year and delay in rape cases will go high. Both of this will be reward to guilty and punishment to victim.

Another crucial side effect is that the guilty has no reason to leave the victim alive if punishment for rape is same as that of murder. Capital punishment will incentivize the victim to murder as punishment for both is same and in case he murders the victim, the primary witness would be eliminated.

Rape is about intent, proving sexual intercourse is not sufficient to prove rape, you require person to come forward and say that they did not want to have sex. Her parents can not testify that their daughter is not like that, or friends. That is not admissible in court. Guilty person knows that, or they will know about it as soon as this is used as a plot device in any fiction.

With this law, it becomes the most best advise for a rapist to stalk the rape victim and kill her if he did not do it after raping her. He has no life left if she goes to court. He is not reason not to try that. Compared to current situation where he knows that if he is convicted for rape he will be out of jail in 6-7 years and will have rest of 20-30 years of life ahead of him.

The fundamental premise for demanding capital punishment for rape is this: that people are scared of getting caught and meeting out full punishment as specified by law, but they do not think 7 years behind jail is big enough deal, and if they realized it will be up-to death penalty then they will not do it. Capital punishment only deters those who do not worry about 7 years in jail but will worry about life. This is fundamentally flawed premise.

The reality is people are not not worried about 7 years, but people know that today, thanks to long court delays, they will not face any jail for years and most likely by then the evidence would be lost, witnesses will lose interest, and so on. We do not have a track record of swift and sure punishment no matter how hard or soft the extent of punishment is in the law. And criminals know this. They are surrounded by people who people who have broken laws to different extent and are all out happy. Sure a few cases may be open against them, but nothing happens in most cases.

The guy across the corner on the street does not whistle to a passing girl because he is cool with spending a few months in jail, which is the punishment for that offense, but because he will not go to jail at all.

The guy who gropes and sexually man handles is not again cool with the year or so of jail, but because he knows she wont go to court, or even if she does, it will be lot bigger punishment for her to carry out the whole years of delays that any take for it to go through, and he knows she will back out and would only very rarely go through the court case.

This is not a question of severity of punishment but the surety of any punishment at all. If we just implemented this law and did nothing else to increase the surety of punishment, if you commit a crime you would surely get punished, unless we change our system so that this starts to happen, till then any increase in severity of punishment would simply be passed on to the victim, she will have to face harsher rapists and even more delayed justice.

In 2000 murder cases pendency in court was an average of 10-11 years as against 6-7 years for rape cases. If severity of rape punishment becomes equal to that of murder, there is no reason to assume that the pendency of rape cases will remain the same, and thus based on available data, on an average the rape case will take 3-4 years or more extra court time before any verdict at all.

All this extra years would be a reward to rapists and a punishment to guilty. She will have to wait 4 more years, all because we decided to help her! For 4 extra years she will have to drag her feet to court every month or so, go through the process and most likely this extra delay will break down even more girls and even more guilty will walk free.

People who are proposing this change are not doing after any kind of analysis, there have been vocal legal experts who have argued all these before, but these people still go on, keeping a blind eye to the consequences of their demands.

Regarding Chemical Castration

There have been a steady stream of demand about chemical castration for rapists.

This is gross violation of human rights. We are not a country that cuts hand for stealing. If we go that way, women would not be better off.

The fundamental problem with chemical castration is the the ethics of law. If I commit a crime, I deserve punishment, but after I have gone through the entire punishment I have to be rendered whole again. If my crime merits that my life be ended so be it. If my crime merits I spend my whole life out of society so be it. But if my crime does not merit my entire life, and only a few years, then I deserve to have my "sins" washed after those few years, and be treated like exactly a free man. Again if I do not deserve to be reintroduced to society don't, but if I do, then I must be be. A person who is castrated has his whole life become part of his punishment. His sin never washes even though he did what society demanded in terms of so many life in prison.

It is not for you to decide anything more about me. Either I am fit to live in society or I am not. You can not have it both ways, fit to live in society but in reduced capacity. Why don't we brand every criminal with a tattoo or a burn mark? Forever he be avoided and discriminated. Because then we take away his right to live as human as equal. That way we create a permanent class system in which some people are less than others, its okay to deny a criminal medical treatment, or seats in public transport when other non criminals are needing it too. One could think in terms of those, there are religious books who advocate ideas like this. But then we will create a society that will consider it okay for some men to die in the street, to be even tortured and killed as they were lesser. It does not matter if you like it or not, if chemical castration has any visible effect on a man, every one who is naturally affected by those physical effects will come in the class of rapists, and we will soon have society using those traits to identify rapists and give them a treatment that any reasonable person will give to rapist, beat him out of his life.

Then when you see someone getting beaten up in public, you wouldn't know that if that is truly and clearly wrong, or if it is okay because he may have deserved it being a castrated rapists. Innocents would suffer, rapists will die inhuman deaths at the hands of sadistic members of society and so on.

If we even go down the path of not restoring a man as whole after he serves whatever punishment society decides he deserve we are going to lose free society along the way in manners that may not be obvious but are very real.

But isn't something better than nothing?

First of all I am not advocating nothing, I am proposing other actions that we can take to make things better.

But for a moment lets assume the worst that none of my suggestion also has any merit. Does that mean we go on protesting without any clue on what to do?

I am strongly advocating no. A protest without clear demand, or demand for something that has dubious benefits is worse than no protest. Such a protest has no way of winning anything. Such a protest, one without solution, will not lead to any solution. It will lead to a lot of emotional buildup. It will lead to a lot of hopelessness. It will even lead of violence, people will die, roads would be shut down, public property damaged. And nothing good will come out of it.

Rape is heinous enough. No need to do all that protest to tell that we are feeling bad about it. I mean what are you? A monster? Who is even in wildest imagining you feel anything but sadness about it? This is a non message.

Outrage without direction will only lead to frustration, and it gives the government a very good reason to crack-down harshly on the protesters. If you want something and you want to bring the capital to halt about it then it is one thing, but if you bring the capital of country to halt for nothing then it is crap.

A credible demand is utmost important to any protest.

There are other effects of this too. Look at Anna for example. He faced the same problem, he mobilized huge following, people were frustrated and they were willing to go follow the first guy who spoke on their behalf. And yet two year down the line there is no outcome. Anna had no clue what he wants. He protested about how politicians would learn value. And he demanded a law with no heads or tails, an office more powerful than Prime Ministers, a body with judicial privileges, and a idiotic assumption that even through everyone we elect, or select through merit are all corrupt, this office bearer will somehow not be corrupt.

Anna failed, Kejriwal followed and failed again because protest was there, but demands were idiotic or dubious at best.

But at least they tried. Right?

If Anna had realized on his own that his demands were stupid, he could have paved way for next Anna who probably had better ideas. But Anna did not care for it, and today it has become very difficult for next guy to come in.

By failing Anna, he not only lost his battle, he lost the hope for all the crore or so who gave him missed calls, twitter and facebook support and so on. And in return they got a failure. Next time around they would not be motivated as much as first time, most people will be sitting at home thinking, we did our best last time and nothing happened, it is all hopeless and this one will fail too.

There is only this many times a man can fail without losing hope. Anyone who excites a man to a failing plan is contributing to that count, and after a certain such scams like Anna, the common man can completely lose all hope.

The blame is not for Anna, but for the protesters and supporters. They are ever too willing to rally behind any random movement without studying. Gandhi did not get supporter because he was sick of being slave, but because he had a clear message and direction. Even today nobody can challenge Gandhi's strategy of non violence. What is the strategy of these guys?

Gandhi advocated something very non trivial. The kind of protesters we have today are knee jerkers, rape? lets kill the rapist. Corruption? Lets have a non corrupt ultra powerful person somehow punish all these corrupt.

We are facing problems because something we are doing wrong

We Indians are very emotional people. We only use our emotion, we will not sit, have a long decision about the best course of action among the seemingly numerous less than perfect courses of possible action.

We criticize, we talk, but we do not realize that it is our responsibility to do research on each politician before we vote. Indians do not vote in large numbers, and even when they vote you would be surprised to see many Indians know the name of their MPs and the two or three other local politician. Indians will at all vote for a party, not men, and in a large number of cases, they will vote for their caste.

Look at what is happening here. We hear ram sena beating up people outside a disc in night, we start our India Motion, candle light march, special message, badges on facebook profile and twitter, decry the dark ages of India, this is all Indians do. What we do not do is have an hawks eye to make sure the guys who wrong us go to jail. Ram send incidence gathered lakhs of protesters in Bombay alone, and similar numbers in other parts of country. You would expect all the perpetrators would definitely go to jail after this much pressure, but no one cared about finding about that. They did the march, congratulated each other for the success and went home.

It is sexy to go on roads and shout, it is sexy to say India is burning or "we have had it enough". But it is hard work to try to find out names of the perpetrators who assaulted in the name of Ram sena. Instead of our copy pasted messages we will have to remember names. We will have to follow the court case. Oh its taking time? Court sali murdabad, one more slogan, one more congratulation, one more duty over.

We are constantly living in zero day. At the beginning of each protest we completely forget about any protest we have had in past. We repeat the same things, facebook messages about the most catchy slogan, more jokes and empty outrage than a plan, no research, no tally of what is working what is not, no organization, no clear demand. Candle march is the entire goal of most our protests.

At each protest we feel awesome about doing something this time, this time we have had it enough, at each protest we chose to ignore strategy, discussion, at each protest we fail to realize being driven purely by emotions is toxic for our cause and any real change will require real strategy and a lot of thought.

Very intelligent people lose all their thinking power, start defending their existing positions instead of worrying about what are the best possible options we have.

We have refused to do our work when voting. And we have such politicians. Instead of fixing this we fantasize about a lokpal who will make sure that we never have to use our brains again. We refuse to accept that we do not even do an hour of homework about which all politicians are standing in our constituency every 4 years. We do not have few years per 4 year in such stupid things like finding out even the name of people standing, their track records, education history.

We have a ready made excuse, what will happen with one vote? Well if you believe in that, then accept that nothing will happen with your extra protest of facebook message, why bother at all?

Its just that facebook message is cheap, especially if one only has to share a slogan. If asked to review two different strategies side by side that kind of time people do not have. As long as we keep letting our emotions dictate, as long as we do not do the work, we will continue to face the crap we face. Our politician will keep robbing our hard earned money, our children will keep living in a backward underdeveloped country, our women will keep feeling unsafe.

If all that has to change, we have to start accepting that there is no silver bullet, there are multiple possible courses of actions, that is our responsibility to identify those courses of actions, learn about their pros and cons, and it is our responsibility to make the best course of action win.

Politics will only improve if we improve it. It our primary duty as a citizen. We spend 3 months per year of our work on our second most important duty, tax. We have to spend weeks if not month per year researching our local politicians, telling them what we want, figuring out what the politician is speaking, sending him letters and calling him about various events. Challenging the local politicians to offer his position on various aspects in local newspaper, challenging people who get carried away. We have to stop slacking politically the way we have been all these years.

So what can we do about rape?

Every problem must always be stated in a fashion that allows a solution. Rape is not because people do not value women. Our society will always be full of elements who do not share our values. Our job is not to proselytize others into adopting our values, but to ensure that we are safe irrespective of your values.

I am not safe because everybody is good. That kind of attitude is deeply flawed. If I was safe because people are good then we do not need law and order systems like police and judiciary and legislation for most part.

The fact that those system exist because as society we have accepted men are not going to be just good.

I am safe because 1. I am physically capable of securing my safety in most cases, I am in crowd, I put lock in my house, I do not go to strangers house and so on. My stuff does not get stolen because I keep an eye on them. I have been well trained by my family, TV and so on to make sure I do not get robbed easily. First line of safety is in my hands. 2. I am safe because of society. Society makes sure police always at hand. Because I am surrounded by people, most of whom are good samaritans and would at least stare cruelly and act as potential witnesses if not directly intervene when I am attacked. 3. And finally I am safe because of game theory of crime and punishment, criminals know that they can get caught, and may have to face severe punishment, so they have to do a risk reward analysis before coming after me.

So either I will ward them off, or someone will intervene or there would be future consequences. These are the three reasons we are safe. Not because potential criminals value my right to property, life etc.

Rape is a real problem. It is there in most advanced countries and in most poor countries. It is there in Christian countries, Muslim countries and in Hindu and Buddhist countries. It has very little to do with personal wealth, or value of society.

Women who are more capable of self defense will have lesser chance of being victims of rape. First line of attack is always self sufficiency. I have written in detail about how stun guns can play a major role in that. They are cheap, they are safe, and they provide adequate defense against one or two assailants.

In terms of second line of defense, police or others around us intervening while a crime is underway. This is one of the real differences between Mumbai and Delhi, in Mumbai one is almost never alone, even at 2-3AM in the night I am almost always surrounded by lots of people, traffic and so on. Delhi streets become empty at 11PM. Even during the day there ware vast stretches in Delhi where one is left vulnerable to assault. While there is very little we can do about geography, we can make it easier for an onlooker to intervene, and we can make onlookers a bigger threat to potential assailants if we had easier gun control and access to guns by a statistically significant section of society. I have written about it in my gun related essay.

And finally the third, crime and punishment. Like I have said previously our problem is not that our laws have problems, but that our laws are not implemented adequately. As mentioned above increasing penalty has no effect or negative effect if we do not increase surety of penalty.

How can we increase purity of punishment?

This is a general problem faced by India and is not limited to rape. Nearly every other speech by Kejriwal about corruption starts with the fact that cases against corrupt officers and politicians go on forever, in the meanwhile criminals get elected, and so on.

Justice delayed is justice denied, or justice delayed is free pardon to guiltily.

Lets talk about fast-track courts in India. In 2000, United Nations demoted ratings for India due to human right issues. Specifically they took offense at the massive delays our courts take to hand out justice. UN considers delayed justice a violation of human rights.

In 2000, the average pendency of a case in court was 10-11 years for murder cases and about 6-7 years for rape cases. In 2000 if you are accused for rape or murder you will have about a decade of your life spent going to courts clearing your name. Courts may even decide to put you in lockup for that duration, which means innocent will be in prison for a duration longer than in some cases than a guilty for the same crime. This is huge violation of human rights. Granted courts will not let this injustice happen to you and would prefer if case and circumstances allows to let the accused not be in prison and out on bail.

In 2000 if you were a victim of rape or murder and you go to courts, court will take a decade to decide. Because in courts you are innocent until proven otherwise, as it should be, courts will tend to allow bail pleas and let you walk. So as a victim you will see the person who murdered someone in your family or raped you walk free, have a normal life for up-to a decade. In the meanwhile the accused is allowed to live a normal life, stand for elections, improve his social stature as a defense against ongoing court case. And you, the victim can not do anything but watch. This too is a huge torture to kins of victim.

There are other things that will happen too, in that duration witnesses will start to lose interest. Important evidence will be lost or perish in evidence rooms. Paper does not last for a decade unless precautions are taken against humidity etc. Compact Discs have a life of a few years, so do floppy drives. Hard-Disks can be damaged. Film rolls can be damaged. Most form of evidence will rot and ruined. This will severely reduce the chance of truth coming out and the guilty will walk free in a lot of cases just because of the delay in the justice.

So you can see why UN was so upset with the situation in India. But the most remarkable thing that happened was not that UN did that, but that India complied immediately, and probably more remarkable was the complete lack of coverage by media and awareness of Indian people about all these happenings.

How did Indian government complied? They setup what is called fast track courts. They did have to waste time thinking about how to solve this situation, supreme courts have been sending proposals to improve this situation to government, very detailed, very cost effective proposals, with full implementation plans. Government has been sitting on loads of such proposals from supreme court and when the heat came their way they okay-ed one of the proposals.

Just like that we got fast track courts around 2000. Each state promoted Judicial Services officers, lower court judges to Higher Judicial Services. A HJS cadre judge is required to preside on more heinous cases like rape and murder. There was no net intake of new judges, government did not sanction budget for that. Judges from lower levels were promoted as per seniority levels and new courts were set up. A higher judge takes up more court space than a lower judge, deals with larger support staff and so on. There were rudimentary budgetary allocations for those purposes.

All this happened and the fast track courts ran for 10 years like well oiled machinery. Court cases as old as 40 year pending were resolved, in 10 years our judges went through backlogs of 4-5 decades, of heinous cases, and cleared them all.

By 2010 the average murder case in our courts was 6 month old and average rape case 3 month. While it is staggeringly remarkable was this success of our courts, what is even more staggeringly remarkable was the complete failure of media to report on this massive success. Our populace went about blindly blaming one section of India to another, never taking a time to see who is making their life better and acknowledging if not supporting them.

Anyways, so we completely ignored all these proceedings and in 2010 government decided not to renew the fast track courts. The original bill granted a 10 year run, and when the run ended, and India managed to meet out all UN pressure, government silently, out of inaction allowed the bill to lapse and fast tracks courts are now gone.

Who is to blame for this? The people of country, who waste time talking about values and think about sensational bullshit like capital punishment or castration for rape victims, rally behind insanely ludicrous proposals like lokpal instead of putting their faith in the four pillars and doing their homework.

We have seen supreme courts actively meddling with government affairs, issuing stinker to government, forcing government to suspend officials who go out of their bounds and so on. Our courts have been fighting for us sincerely for decades and it is not hyperbole to say in India today if we are free we are largely thanks to active, out of what is required role played by our courts.

Judges keep helping us. Judges have fast track kind of staggering success stories. Judges have well thought out, meaningful proposals to fix our law and order problems, and corruption and rape are both law and order problems.

And we, we use broad strokes of brushes and label India is dead, there is no hope but revolution, one lokpal will come and solve all our woes.

And government seeing our complete cluelessness about ground realities is working doing its best that any government will do, allocate itself more power, make courts weaker. And we allow them.

This all has to change. There is no evidence to support that corruption or rape is anything but law and order matter. No one can deny the chilling effect a swift verdict will have on future criminals. People can argue that this may still not be sufficient, and may be some laws will have to be made stricture, but no one can argue making laws stricter will have absolutely any effect unless we can make verdicts swift. No matter how sever the punishment is, if delays can kill the case the severity of punishment will not matter.

I am not talking about theoretical possibilities here, courts have already shown the results, their mandate has been withdrawn by the government despite their success. Whether or not improving "values" will have any benefit is a theoretical discussion, there is a hope, but no track record, no clear plan on how to increase the values, how to even measure them, and even if dedicated all or resources to teaching values lets say, it will have no effect on tax evasion leading to loss of a lot of fund for government, it will have no effect on corruption, it will have no effect on the horde of other law and order related problems.

So Here are My demands

Fast track to be reintroduced immediately.

Supreme courts and other courts have been demanding the number of judges be doubled for years. I demand that the number be tripled in a timetable decided by individual high-courts.

Allahabad high court today has 90 judges when they have allocation for 140, for lack of funds. Sure we are a third world country, but the courts are being intentionally starved beyond what is merited by our lack of resources. For example fast track courts demanded an budgetary allocation that was completely within our means and was shut down not because of budgetary reason but because government does not want a more powerful judiciary.

I want it.

If my demands are met, within a short period the effects of fast convictions would start to be felt. Right now every case takes years, but after this demand is met, only cases where a highly powerful person is accused would be delayed in courts and that will make those cases stand out. Our politicians among them have a lot of accused, and they would all be the only one remaining in court every other person accused with crimes would be out of court in months of being accused. Numerous politicians are hiding in the crowd, this will expose them naked. Whether we go after those exposed one or not will depend on how mature we have become and do we go for results or are content with mindless sloganeering, but it is definite that if someone wanted to go after those criminals their job would be that much easier.

If my demands are met courts would not be a feared place. People would not be worried about filing a report as that means one visit to court every month or so for years. It will mean the cases would be resolved in a few months or within a year and more and more victims will come forward and get justice.

There is no reason for women who get cat-called to suck it and go on with their lives, they can and should go to court. If courts produced results in months, as demonstrated by fast track as real possibility then a lot of minor sex offenders will be prosecuted and we will not have to wait for them to rape before filing a complaint.

Can my demands be met with trivial amount of work by government? Yes. Can it produce significant improvement in ground realities and situations of rape victims and also corruption and myriad of other ills we are facing today? Yes.

Will it be sufficient and cure all evils? No. Will it require everybody who reads this do their bit in making sure they do their best to help is succeed? Yes.

What can you do to help?

First and foremost you must offer criticism to whatever mistakes I may have made, be in spelling, be in my assumptions or ideologies, be it in my logical fallacy I am not aware of. Please shred this plan to pieces. How it will not work, how it is a bad thing for India, how it can lead to consequences I haven't thought of.

Yes you must do that as your first responsibility and not offer me blind support and sloganeering. Comment here, or blog about it in your space, and may be drop a tweet or a mail with your thesis on how clueless I am.

But if the plan does make sense, if you believe it may work, if you believe it has merits beyond what is being advocated of hordes of others, and if you want to help improve things instead of sit smug criticizing or emotionalizing things, then make sure to spread the world. I am trying to reach some 200 odd people as a target which is realistic number for my social network. If you can reach some number with enough influence that those will want to reach a few more and those a few more, then it has any scope of success.

You also can probably write this writeup in a better fashion, more concise, I will be taking a few stabs at it, too. May be you can make a presentation about it, record an audio recording about it, or help me with some graphics I can use to make it more compelling.

I am convinced that this line of action will have maximum impact for country.

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