I work with the wonderful folks at Coverfox.

A few of my open source babies smarturls, fhurl, importd, zutils and dutils. Check out my open source page to see them in detail.

Writings: angularjs, flash for python developers, style guide.

I am a strong believer of Women must own Taser (Stun Gun) In India. My position paper on rape and what we should do about it.

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-- Amit Upadhyay


Things that are relevant for India. I am quite politically opinionated, and you will find some of my view here.


I am kind of proud Hindu. I think the basics tenets of hinduism are all but lost in India. Here you will find my views on what our philosophy really says and its relevance today. I would love it if you disagreed and said this is not hinduism, in which case do call this amitu-ism :-p.


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Meta! About technology behind this blog, my motivation etc.