Kejriwal Should Know This About Media

Media loves listening to Mr Kejriwal while he exposes politicians after politicians. But what media would love even more is if someone exposes Mr Kejriwal of something. See, media doesn't care about the country, media loves gossip it can sell. That's their only interest in all this. The success and failure of a campaign should not be judged by media attention, neither the purpose of a campaign should be to get media attention. Media is only a tool, a mean, not the goal.

Media should only be used to rally support of people, to get these people to do something. Media is like ads. It can get people to see your product. But the purpose of ads is not so that people see the product, but to get people to do something.

Getting people to do something is the goal. That requires a detailed plan of what is to be done, a clear call for action. Once all that is in place media can be used to bring in people.

Published: 2012-12-14T00:00:00.000000Z