wizer - The WebAssembly Pre-Initializer

Status: active (Apr 2023) Github: [bytecodealliance/wizer](https://github.com/bytecodealliance/wizer) > Don't wait for your Wasm module to initialize itself, pre-initialize it! Wizer instantiates your WebAssembly module, executes its initialization function, and then snapshots the initialized state out into a new WebAssembly module. Now you can use this new, pre-initialized WebAssembly module to hit the ground running, without making your users wait for that first-time set up code to complete. Improves startup latency.
exports an initialization function named `wizer.initialize`
#[export_name = "wizer.initialize"]
pub extern "C" fn init() {
// Your initialization code goes here...
use `wizer` to create pre-initialized module
wizer input.wasm -o initialized.wasm


The initialization function may not call any imported functions.