- [`poetry`](https://python-poetry.org/) is a modern python package manager - `curl -sSL https://install.python-poetry.org | python3 -` - `poetry self update` - uses [`pyproject.toml`](https://python-poetry.org/docs/pyproject/) and `poetry.lock` to manage dependencies
name = "poetry-demo"
version = "0.1.0"
description = ""
authors = ["Sébastien Eustace <[email protected]>"]
readme = "README.md"
packages = [{include = "poetry_demo"}]

python = "^3.7"

requires = ["poetry-core"]
build-backend = "poetry.core.masonry.api"
- `poetry add pendulum` - to run your script `poetry run python your_script.py` or `poetry run doit` - `poetry shell` to use poetry managed python in a shell - The current project is installed in [editable](https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/topics/local-project-installs/) mode by default. - `poetry update` to update lockfile. (or delete lockfile and run `poetry install` again) - supports [dependency groups](https://python-poetry.org/docs/managing-dependencies/) - `poetry config --list` shows `virtualenvs.path`, that contains the `python.exe` `python` binary that can be passed to editor configurations as the **interpreter path**