Github Actions

- Every file in `.github/workflows/` file creates a `workflow` ([syntax]( - Each workflow is [triggered on a event]( Event can be say git/Github events, like push, or issue created etc. - Events [can be filtered](, so eg only if a file/pattern is modified in a commit.


Events can also be custom external, called[workflow_dispatch]( Such workflows can run using: - [actions tab manually](, - [github cli](, - [API call](

`workflow_dispatch` Input

workflow_dispatch workflows [can also accept input](, you specify what all inputs are required, and github auto creates a UI in the action tab, or does input validation when using cli or api. You can use the inputs using `${{ inputs.logLevel }}` syntax.

Job And Runners

- Workflow is composed of one or more `job`s. Each `job` is a run on a "runner machine".